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Frequently Asked Questions


From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then select an FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.

  • Sales Methods ( 1 Article )
    Techniques you can use when selling Radex products at your event.
  • Hi Touch ( 8 Articles )
    Learn more about the Hi Touch professional printing solution.
  • Which one is right for me? ( 0 Articles )
    Which printing solution is right for me?
  • Troubleshooting ( 7 Articles )
    Troubleshooting common problems and errors with the Sony SnapLab and Hi Touch.
  • Products ( 7 Articles )
    Frequently asked questions pertaining to the products sold by Radex, Inc.
  • Tracking Photos ( 2 Articles )
    How do I track my photos when I'm dealing with customers?
  • Qimage ( 9 Articles )
    Learn more about the Qimage software.
  • What I Need to Get Started ( 6 Articles )
    Details on what requirements you'll need to get started with Radex, Inc.
  • Assembly ( 1 Article )
    Directions on assembling your Radex products.
  • How much do I charge? ( 2 Articles )
    Questions regarding how much to charge for your Radex products.
  • Billing ( 3 Articles )
    You've got Billing questions, we've got answers.  If your questions isn't listed here, please feel free to call us using our contact information found at the top of this page.

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