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About Radex, Inc.

Radex started out in 1950 manufacturing a line of 3D stereo photography products. The line included double 35mm 3D stereo slide viewers, 3D realist format stereo viewers, and other stereo photography products. Both of the 3D viewers have plastic versions that are still manufactured by Radex. Radex also had a line of children's 3D slides story sets that were packaged and sold with the 3D Stereo viewers. (yes - everything from "Hansel and Gretel" to "Captain Radex's trip to the Moon")

Over the following years, Radex added 35mm slide viewers for mounted slides, 35mm slide sorters, and keychain viewers that held a single slide or transparency film chip. Most of the items were related to slide film, which was the dominant format of color photography in the 60's & 70's.

By the early 80's, the demand and popularity of the #300 half frame keychain viewer was growing rapidly. During this time, the company was fortunate enough to have a handful of enterprising customers who greatly expanded the use of the half frame keychain viewers. Some of these customers ran photography businesses as concession operators in amusement parks. Other customers operated photography businesses at beaches, destination resorts, and other special events such as car shows.

In the mid 80's a push to bring Radex back into the promotional products market was made by rejoining trade associations in that industry (PPAI, ASI, & SAAC). Radex's manufacturing ability to produce the keychain viewers with custom images and imprints for company promotions was a natural for this market. The larger 35mm slide viewer and a 35mm Filmstrip viewer were also packaged and sold as dimensional mailers with custom images and imprints.

In the early 90's at a customer's request, Radex began manufacturing a photo key tag to hold a photo print rather than slide film. As digital event and location photography was coming into play, changes in our product line began to evolve. By the turn of millennium, we were molding the keychain viewers in translucent plastic in order to accommodate digital photo prints rather than slide chips.

Radex now offer keytags in three sizes, photo magnet frames, acrylic block frames, our new JerseyMag sports photo magnets. We also offer many of the tools needed to help someone get started in an event or location photography business. Radex's turnkey photo systems for image output and photo die cutters to speed up assembly of the products. We also offer custom imprinting of logo or event names on just about all of our products.

Radex continues to evolve and grow by adding products and services. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions about our products or this website.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you!

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